Following on from our recent article about being headhunted on LinkedIn, what about coming at it from the other angle? If you are searching for your next move, what’s the best way to be networking with Recruiters and making your profile as attractive as possible?

Well, there’s no one better to answer these questions than our in-house Business Development Manager and all-around superstar recruitment consultant – Sarah Briggs!

As a self-confessed LinkedIn addict, we’re chatting to her today about networking with recruiters on LinkedIn, the do’s and don’ts, and what you can expect to get out of it.

Sarah, why do you think LinkedIn is a great networking tool?
LinkedIn is the business networking channel where talking about work isn’t considered small talk – it’s celebrated and you get to shout about your achievements! Unlike other channels where you might feel uncomfortable talking about work, LinkedIn is perfect for sharing your projects and connecting with colleagues both past and present.

In your day-to-day work, how do you use LinkedIn to communicate with candidates?
Generally, I use the platform for posting jobs and shares from our business website about all the exciting positions we have available. Alternatively, if I am working with a client on a more lucrative role, I will be asking for recommendations and connecting with people who feel have brilliant skillsets and who would be open to new opportunities. Also, it goes without saying that I regularly connect and engage with Verus clients to stay up to date with their industry news and keep in touch.

What advice would you give to someone looking for a new job on LinkedIn?
Well, the most thing that is useful for us recruiters is if you changing your bio or headline to show ‘open to opportunities so that we can see that you are open to a chat! Secondly, would be keeping your job history and profile up to date with the dates, companies and roles worked. That includes if you’ve had a promotion! And finally, it would be great to see any endorsements on your profile from colleagues so that recruiters can see how you work within a team and great personal recommendations.

What are you looking for when headhunting candidates on LinkedIn?
I first look at how active they are on LinkedIn – I find active profiles are more open to conversations and opportunities. Obviously, I also check out the candidate’s latest roles and industries to check it corresponds with their CV and to make sure their history is a good match for my client’s job.

Is there anything specific that really makes a profile stand out that you love to see? Or anything you just WISH people would leave off their profile?
The best thing is when you have skill endorsements and recommendations published so that we can see what old colleagues and employers think of you. Really, I don’t need to know about your personal life but it’s a good indicator to me about whether you’d be a good fit for my client’s teams so feel free to add a bit of personality to your profile!

If you could share just 3 top tips on connecting with recruiters on LinkedIn – what would it be?
Keep your profile up to date, accept connection requests from recruiters who might just have your next dream job, and never be embarrassed to post about your achievements!

That’s great, thanks!

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