Digital Marketing

A career in digital marketing can be challenging and fulfilling; with no one day ever the same. But what does it take to get started? What can you do at school, college or university to improve employability?

To help answer those questions – and to offer insight into what a career in digital marketing is like – The team at Evoluted have shared their thoughts. Check out their new video below:

Evoluted - Digital Marketing Careers Advice:

How To Get Into Digital Marketing & Become Successful - 12 CAREER TIPS

  1. Start a blog or a website to help hone your skills.
  2. Secure at least one work experience placement.
  3. Expose yourself to high levels of spend and responsibility.
  4. Research how to apply the skills you’ve developed in education and work.
  5. Develop knowledge around as many marketing disciplines as possible.
  6. Develop your communication skills.
  7. If possible, teach yourself some entry-level coding knowledge.
  8. Educate yourself around the importance of reporting.
  9. Develop your technical knowledge, even if you want a creative role.
  10. Read as many blogs as possible.
  11. Research the companies you want to apply to.
  12. Create a social media profile for use commenting and contributing to the industry.

Want to find out more about a career in Digital Marketing?

Please follow the link below, There you will find advice from the team at Evoluted along with some fantastic Q&A which will help you evaluate if a career in Digital Marketing is for you.