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Why you need to stop advertising your roles with multiple agencies

When you partner with a recruitment firm you’re not buying CVs or a number of interviews, you’re investing in your people…and good people make good companies. We understand that’s why you want to fill your vacancies with the very best candidates…and fast.

So what do you do? You instruct multiple agencies to scattergun your vacancy ad far and wide in the hope that something, somewhere sticks.

For every day, easy-to-fill hires you’ll be used to working with your recruitment partner on this type of contingent basis – where you pay when the position is filled.

But there’s a problem – this approach is unpersonalised, expensive and give you the quantity of CVs, but not necessarily the quality you need. Producing more work, more screening and more unsuccessful interviews.

Retainied Recruitment Post Larger You need a recruitment agency as committed to growing your business as you are.

We are specialist in what we do, so while we know your industry, we also know that no two recruitment processes are ever the same which is why we build the solution around your needs.

By choosing Verus, you can trust us to deliver the right results. The comprehensive range of services we offer ensures that you get the best fit for your company. We take our time to understand your organisational structure, culture and business goals, with the aim for us to be an extended arm to your business.

Simply get in touch if you’d like to explore a proven way of filling your vacancies! or 01143 830046