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Tim Heappey – Strategic Partnerships Manager

Tim brings a wealth of experience from a history of multifaceted roles, including recruitment, logistics, and cross-company relations. With his extensive background, Tim approaches solutions from varied perspectives, ensuring comprehensive and effective outcomes. His commitment and drive to outperform the competition guarantee that our clients receive precisely what they need.

Outside of work, Tim is a proud family man and an avid outdoorsman. His love for nature and spending time with his family is at the heart of who he is, reflecting his commitment to a balanced and fulfilling life.

Dedicated to creating strong and productive relationships, Tim emphasizes the importance of high-level communication to deliver the best results for our clients. His friendly and approachable nature makes him easy to talk to, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. Tim’s natural ease of communication and his ability to connect with others make him ideal for his role.

Ella Jeffcock – Recruitment Specialist

Ella brings over two years of experience to the Verus team, having transitioned into recruitment from a corporate background. In her time with us, she has become known for her thoughtful approach to supporting clients and candidates alike, always aiming to understand their unique situations and needs.

Her prior experience as a Key Worker has instilled in Ella a deep sense of empathy and a strong desire to help others, qualities that she brings to her role every day. She values the importance of building genuine connections and ensuring everyone she works with feels supported and valued from the outset.

Ella’s commitment to the team and her role is evident in her daily interactions and the positive feedback from those she has assisted. She is an appreciated member of the Verus family, quietly making a significant impact through her work.

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Ella enjoys cooking, a hobby that she occasionally shares with her colleagues, adding a touch of warmth to the office environment. Her two dogs, Izzy and Rizzo, are a testament to her caring nature, often accompanying her and bringing a smile to everyone’s face.

For those looking to explore new opportunities or seeking recruitment assistance, Ella offers a reliable and understanding service, grounded in her commitment to the well-being and success of others.

Jamie Griggs March 2020

Jamie Griggs – Founder & Director

Jamie is a seasoned recruitment specialist based in Sheffield, offering over a decade of comprehensive experience in the recruitment industry. Specialising in permanent recruitment solutions, Jamie has a proven track record of facilitating successful placements across various sectors, making him a trusted partner in your recruitment journey.

With a deep understanding of the recruitment landscape, Jamie’s approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and candidates alike. His expertise spans from hands-on recruitment to strategic management, ensuring a holistic and effective service. Whether you’re a company looking to expand your team or a professional seeking new opportunities, Jamie’s consultative approach guarantees a personalised and results-driven experience.

As the founder of Verus Recruitment, Jamie is committed to delivering bespoke recruitment services that emphasise integrity, transparency, and a personal touch. His dedication to understanding clients’ business cultures and candidates’ career aspirations sets him apart in the industry. Choosing Jamie as your recruitment consultant means partnering with a professional who values long-term relationships and is dedicated to your success.

For those seeking comprehensive recruitment solutions in Sheffield and beyond, Jamie Griggs offers the expertise, network, and commitment to excellence that can help you achieve your goals. Connect with Jamie for a partnership that transcends traditional recruitment, where your needs and aspirations are at the forefront of every decision.


Oliver Currie – Talent Specialist

Meet Oliver, a dynamic individual with a passion for success and a diverse array of interests. Armed with a degree in International Business from Leeds Beckett University, Oliver seamlessly blends academic knowledge with real-world experience, making him a valuable asset at Verus.

Since joining our team, Oliver has undergone a transformative journey, honing key skills essential for success in recruitment. His communication prowess has evolved from theoretical discussions to impactful interactions with candidates, clients, and colleagues. Crafting compelling job descriptions, conducting probing interviews, and negotiating terms are second nature to him, thanks to his adept persuasion, empathy, and active listening skills.

Outside of recruitment, Oliver is an avid football fan and fitness enthusiast, reflecting his passion for both sports and a healthy lifestyle. Ambitious and driven, he strives for excellence in every endeavour, pushing boundaries to achieve remarkable results.

At the core of Oliver’s ambition lies a genuine desire to foster great relationships and connect individuals with their ideal job opportunities. With his unwavering dedication and passion for making a difference, Oliver is committed to delivering exceptional outcomes for candidates and clients.


Sarah Briggs – Principle Consultant

Since joining our team in 2021, Sarah Briggs has quickly established herself as an invaluable member of our family, leveraging her diverse background in partnership development and business engagement from previous roles at Museums Sheffield and The Sheffield Chamber of Commerce. Her extensive experience in retail management has equipped her with profound insights into the importance of cultivating a positive workplace culture, essential for nurturing happy and successful teams.

Sarah excels as a recruitment specialist, distinguished by her unparalleled skill in building relationships. She commits herself to understand the unique dynamics of individuals and their businesses, demonstrating an exceptional ability to listen and identify opportunities to assist. Her approach is not just about filling positions but about fostering genuine connections, making her a trusted partner in recruitment.

Beyond her professional achievements, Sarah brings a touch of nature into our office with her passion for gardening, subtly transforming our workspace with the calm and beauty of the outdoors. This reflection of her personal interests in the workplace is a mirror to her professional philosophy—creating environments where people and opportunities can grow and thrive.

This modest account highlights Sarah’s contributions as a fantastic recruitment specialist since 2021, her ability to enhance team dynamics, and her personal touch that enriches our office environment, all articulated with UK English and grammar.