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Why you need to stop advertising your roles with multiple agencies

When you partner with a recruitment firm you’re not buying CVs or a number of interviews, you’re investing in your people…and good people make good companies. We understand that’s why you want to fill your vacancies with the very best candidates…and fast. So what do you do? You instruct multiple agencies to scattergun your vacancy […]

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Top Tips for Virtual Interviews

We know the Covid 19 Pandemic had a massive impact on the economy, however, one silver lining to come out of it is the remote working initiative that was introduced by organisations to ensure the continuity of business. Employers were encouraged to create infrastructure to enable the use of technology remotely to create remote working […]

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Why you should use a recruitment agency

Why you should use a recruitment agency Here at Verus we understand the negative myths and stigma of using recruitment agencies due to our combined experience and knowledge of the sector spanning over 20 years. This is why we are passionate about reaching the highest of expectations with our personalised, client and candidate centred approach. […]

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Candidate Ownership, Which Agency Should Get The Introduction Fee?

Candidate ownership is a frequent problem for recruitment agencies but when two agencies each claim that they have introduced the same candidate, how does the client decide which is entitled to the fee? Unfortunately, in this case, it is common for both agencies to pursue the client for an introduction fee for the same candidate […]

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Interviewers Guide on Conducting an Effective Interview

If you would like to find out how Verus Recruitment can support your business throughout your hiring process, please feel free to contact us

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