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Why you should use a recruitment agency

Why you should use a recruitment agency

Here at Verus we understand the negative myths and stigma of using recruitment agencies due to our combined experience and knowledge of the sector spanning over 20 years.

This is why we are passionate about reaching the highest of expectations with our personalised, client and candidate centred approach.  

We understand in order for a business to be successful, how critical it is to find and retain real talent.  

Working with us is not about buying CV’s or arranging interviews, it is all about investing in people. Afterall, people are at the heart of everything.

Whether it is your first hire or thousandth hire, when you partner with a quality recruitment agency, you are purchasing an outcome, business benefit and aiding to your success.

So, if that is what you want, how can we deliver;

Here’s the TOP reasons you should use a quality recruitment agency to expand your business in 2024

– Save Time: As a specialist sector, to put it simply, we recruit for a living. We already have candidates in our talent pool who are exactly the right fit for your open job positions. We also have access to the best job boards and know exactly where to look to find the perfect match for your business needs. Additionally, we will sift through applicants, conduct pre-interviews and schedule your interviews so that you just have to prepare and turn up for the final interview stage. To top it off, we manage all communications with applicants, including notifying unsuccessful ones and providing feedback; and verifying candidate information (e.g. qualifications and references).

– Save Money: By using an agency, there’s multiple ways you will save money throughout the process. To start with, you will remove the cost of posting adverts on job boards, and you’ll also reduce the need to use in-house staff who can continue to perform their other duties to their usual standard. By using an agency you’ll inherently reduce the likelihood and cost of a ‘bad hire’ (e.g. poor performance, training, re-hire), as we’ll do all the legwork to make sure we find you the very best candidate for your requirements.

– Efficiency and professionalism: Our expertise means that we can work with multiple candidates at once, and we can collate queries, CVs and applicants so that you only have to deal with things once. Our market insight means that we are in the perfect position to negotiate salaries and job offers on your behalf, and we can ensure the whole process goes as smoothly as possible – compared to in-house staff who may not be aware of the best practices.

Don’t forget about the mutual benefits!

There’s lot to gain for Job seekers too when using a recruiter to look for a new role or position, for example:

– Using a recruiter to help you look for a new role is totally free for candidates – they simply send their CV to get the ball rolling.

– Some job vacancies will exclusively be advertised via a recruitment agency, offering the absolute best hidden opportunities and ahead of the other candidates in your industry.

– There are recruiters who specialise in YOUR industry, so will understand exactly what candidates are looking for and can offer consultative guidance to help them secure the right roles.

– Most agencies will offer tools to optimise job seekers’ employability, such as CV writing, interview skills and pre-interview prep.

Do you have a role to fill this year? Get in touch to discuss the perfect partnership to support your business.

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