We are two! What we’ve learned so far…

The start of this year marked our second Birthday but with Lockdown 3.0, it flew past us a little bit. However, as things have settled into some post-Christmas routine, we’re ready to celebrate 

So what are our biggest takeaways from our first 2 years in business 

  • Authenticity is our middle name. Well, it’s our name translated from Latin to start, but even though we started out with this in mind – the last three years has really driven it home. We’ve learned to stand by our values, to understand our clients’ ethics and work our socks off to match those to our candidates. Skills can be learned and taught, experience can be earned, but values, passion and ethos are ingrained and that is truly what matters when finding the perfect person for a role.  
  • Resilience is the best skill anyone can have.  Who knew the formative years of our company would be in a global pandemic?! We have been seriously impressed with all the companies and candidates out there who have bounced back from hard times with positive outlooks and inspiring goals. Even where we’ve supported clients transition their staff through redundancies, the kindness and resourcefulness from all involved is something that we will carry with us going forwards.  
  • Tech is our biggest asset. We started out with a self-built website, questionable social media and aside from the necessary job boards… let’s just say our online presence was “basic”. But as the whole world moved online and zoom became the norm, we stepped it up a gear and brought on a new digital marketing manager (more on her soon). We know that 72% of active candidates and 62% of passive candidates view a company’s site on their mobile device, so we’re currently having a new site built, and have been thrilled to be engaging with many more clients and candidates online than ever before. Sure, we can’t wait for coffee and bacon sarnies at networking again, but for now, we’re enjoying the wonderful world of LinkedIn and virtual interviews.  
  • Charity starts close to home. If we have learned anything this year, it’s that our family and support network is EVERYTHING. Whilst we are proud to work with two local charitieswe also love that the majority of our work comes from personal recommendations. This means so much to us; that we are able to support the Verus family as it continues to grow and we know that you appreciate what we do. Our Google reviews are growing week by week, as well as candidates securing new roles and even our in-house team filling the office rapidly! 


We are thrilled to be sharing some cake and a brew (fizz in our coffee mugs, who are we kidding…) this week with the team to celebrate, and are looking forward to many years to come!

Thank you all so much for your support so far, all of us at Verus.  

 Verus Recruitment Partners is Two!