Meet the Team: Sarah Briggs

We are thrilled to be able to share the news of our latest new starter in the Verus Team!

Sarah Briggs joins our slowly-filling office after a brief yet incredibly fulfilling stint as Partnership relationship officer for Museums Sheffield. Due to Covid cutbacks across the culture, hospitality and entertainment sectors, luckily for us she found herself able to jump at the opportunity to come on board the Verus team!

In fact, Sarah and Miriam first met at a networking event in 2018 when Sarah worked as an account manager at Sheffield Chamber of commerce and Miriam in a previous position, and a close working relationship quickly bloomed…fast forward to the beginning of 2019 and Verus Recruitment Partners is set up.

Prior to moving into corporate Sarah had a highly successful career in retail management giving her a great insight into how important workplace culture is in building happy, successful teams. Sarah says “I’m a massive advocate of finding out what makes your team members tick, the importance of working out what makes them feel valued, it’s not always about more money! If you can get that right, you will cut your attrition rate and therefore save money in the long run”.

We are confident that Sarah brings her previous experience and exposure of the Verus brand from her time at the Chamber and says “it was great to get to know Miriam and Jamie better in my role at Sheffield Chamber and their values mirror my own with trust and integrity being the highest priorities, it was a pleasure to promote and recommend their service knowing they would look after the businesses I sent their way and I’m excited to work with them closely going forward”.

Sarah’s strength lies in building relationships, and she thoroughly enjoys getting to know people and finding out about their businesses, she’s a great listener who enjoys looking for opportunities to help. Skills which will be essential working for Verus and the rest of our team!

“In my role at the Chamber I regularly had conversations with businesses who were frustrated by the lack of talent applying for their vacancies or high staff turnover, so I’m really looking forward to having the opportunity to offer further support through my new role. Verus aren’t just about filling roles, you’re paying a specialist to really get involved in your business, have a fresh pair of eyes on what your team really needs and work with you to find the perfect match.”