The Most Hired Jobs in 2020

You may think that 2020 has been all doom and gloom in the job world, and whilst it’s true that hospitality has been hit hard, there have been increased positive movements in the digital, IT and remote working spheres. 

We’ve waved goodbye to long commutes and in-person conferences, and embraced webinars and a slack channel. Virtual Christmas parties and after work zoom quizzes are the order of the day. 

But what have been the most in-demand roles this year? 

LinkedIn has given us this rundown:   

  1. Sales
  2. Registered Nurse
  3. Software Engineer
  4. Javascript Developer
  5. Food Delivery Driver
  6. Driver
  7. Cloud Engineer
  8. Project Manager
  9. Tax Specialist
  10. Receptionist

Whilst the top three here are non-movers on the job title scoreboard compared to last year, we’re not surprised to see delivery drivers jumping up the list as we’ve all been forced to shop online and order our basics through digital channels. Similarly, because so many employees are working from home: the cloud services that remote workers rely on have never been so business-critical and so roles such as cloud engineer and project managers are crucial to maintaining a smooth work-flow. 

We’ve also seen companies reach out to businesses like us here at Verus to help employees add more marketable skills, and many companies are making greater investments in learning and development (L&D) resources ( a smart investment for companies who can’t afford to hire like they used to) but still need to add new skills to their workforce. 

The most hired jobs in 2020

So what have you noticed this year? Are you committed to upskilling and retaining your current employees, or are you restructuring and looking to add a completely different skillset to your team? 

If you have any questions about hiring or transitioning staff in 2021, we’re ready to help, just get in touch.